Feeling that your relationship with your boyfriend needs a spice up? What about a date at the beach? Did you know that a date at the beach can boost a couple’s intimacy? Experts say that when couples get out of their routines they can rekindle the spark of their relationship.

So, take the beautiful sunshine outside in your favor and arrange a beach date with your boyfriend. For that, you will need to take some essentials with you in order to make your date at the beach a success. And to pack everything you will need nothing better than tote bags. If you have one, great! If not, enjoy the tote bags sales of the holiday season to get yourself one.

Here are the 7 tote bag essentials you will need for a perfect beach date.

beach essentials

1. Snacks

You sure don’t want to go to your date with a grumbling stomach. Even though you may be tempted to skip your breakfast because of butterflies on your tummy, don’t. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast. Then to keep your energy up for the day, take with you some cashews, almonds, and dried fruit. This snack is also perfect for sharing.

2. Wallet

Don’t forget to take your wallet with you! How else will you be able to treat you and your date to a cool down at the ice cream place? With all that hot sun out there, you will sure need a frozen treat ( or maybe two).

3. Sunscreen and sunhat

With the sun’s damaging rays beaming down on you and your gal, you are going to need some SPF protection. Trust me, looking and feeling like a lobster after the date is definitely not cute. So throw a bottle of a high SPF sunscreen and a cute sun hat into your tote to ensure you stay burn-free.

4. Small blanket

Since tote bags offer so much space, you will still have enough room to throw in a thin blanket. Practical and essential, a small blanket will keep you and your date off the hot sand so you can spend more time talking rather than trying to adjust yourselves (sand in your clothes is never fun).

5. Phone and portable charger

Chances are great that you and your date will be playing some beach tunes, which is a major issue for your phone’s battery life. Mare sure your portable charger is full and take it with you.

6. Bottle of water

Dehydration is not fun and can lead dry mouth and fatigue, headaches, dizziness, etc. So, to avoid it take with you a bottle of water or two.

7. Cardigan

In case your date is a success and both of you want to make your way out to a cozy local restaurant for some appetizers you should have a cardigan in your tote bag to make for a smooth transition.