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December 2015

A General Guide About Abstract Art

Art is an indispensable segment that is closely tight to human’s existence. Even the the earliest evidences for the existence of human kind show that people were expressing themselves through art. The primitive forms of art were spotted on the walls of the caves they were living in. As the times have been changing and so did the styles people used for expressing themselves through art.

If we take a look back to the history of art one of the first thing we’ll notice is that art was shaped by the time period people were working and creating art. More specifically, the main subjects that influenced art were the current events (on social, politic and intellectual level) that were taking place in the certain period Continue reading “A General Guide About Abstract Art”

Pros And Cons Of A Xylitol Sugar Substitute

If you are like me, you probably can’t imagine drinking your morning coffee or tea without spoon or two of sugar. Adding sugar makes your coffee more tasty and more enjoyable to drink. But, there is one major problem here – the health issues sugar can cause to our body. Thanks to the nature and technology improvements, there are healthier versions of sweeteners that have very small amount of calories and taste almost the same like sugar. They give us the chance to enjoy all sweet things we love in a healthier way. One such popular and commonly used sweetener is Xylitol. Before opt for this sugar substitute, find out what is Xylitol and what are it’s pros and cons. Continue reading “Pros And Cons Of A Xylitol Sugar Substitute”

7 Tote Bag Essentials For A Perfect Beach Date

Feeling that your relationship with your boyfriend needs a spice up? What about a date at the beach? Did you know that a date at the beach can boost a couple’s intimacy? Experts say that when couples get out of their routines they can rekindle the spark of their relationship.

So, take the beautiful sunshine outside in your favor and arrange a beach date with your boyfriend. For that, you will need to take some essentials with you in order to make your date at the beach a success. And to pack everything you will need nothing better than tote bags. If you have one, great! If not, enjoy the tote bags sales of the holiday season to get yourself one.

Here are the 7 tote bag essentials you will need for a perfect beach date.

beach essentials

1. Snacks Continue reading “7 Tote Bag Essentials For A Perfect Beach Date”

Quick And Easy Cleaning Tips

Living in a clean environment is essential for our health. Regular cleaning will keep your living place free from bacteria and allergens that can build in with time. Okay, I know that cleaning your home is not the most favorite thing in this world but despite all, it is something that must be done. I admit, it was not my favorite thing as well, but when I found these few easy and quick ways how to clean and organize my living space, cleaning my home become a whole different matter. I will provide you with a speed-cleaning lesson and help you become a master of the art of efficient and speedy cleaning. These simple tips will learn you how to clean right and fast at the same time.

Continue reading “Quick And Easy Cleaning Tips”

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