A commercial mop, bucket and wringer is what you need to clean floors fast and efficiently, regardless if you are cleaning your commercial or residential space. This said, the residential mops, buckets and wringers are good but not as the commercial ones.

The commercial “editions” usually come with larger buckets, larger and durable mops and wingers that squeeze the water from the mop without splashing water all around the floor. Thus, if you settle with nothing but fast and hassle-free mopping which results in sparkling clean floors, but you don’t have too much time to dedicate to the matter, go for a packet of commercial bucket, mop and wringer.

You don’t have to be a professional in cleaning to know how to clean with these commercial mopping tools. Don’t let the word “commercial” dread you. There is not a real difference in cleaning with residential and commercial mop, bucket and wringer. In short, here are the simple steps you need to follow, to clean up the floors in your residential or commercial place, with this type of janitorial cleaning equipment.

Prepare a Cleaning Agent

Needless to say, to remove dirt and bacteria from the floor you will need a cleaning agent. You can either buy a disinfecting cleaning agent or prepare it by yourself. If you are cleaning the bathroom floor, it is preferable to sanitize it with a commercial cleaning agent such as bleach, because usually the floors in these spaces best harbor bacteria. On the other side, if you are cleaning more sensitive floors such as the wooden floors in the living room, you can prepare a cleaning agent with natural ingredients such as white vinegar, soda and lemon juice.

Fill the Bucket

Once you’ve prepared the cleaning agent, fill the bucket with it. Adjust the amount of water and cleaning agent depending on how dirty the floor is and how big is the surface that you need to clean. The recommended dose is four parts water and one part cleaning agent. You can fill the bucket at once and use the same mixture to clean the whole floor surface, or change the water several times during the mopping.

Use the Mop

Now that you have filled the bucket, it is time to put the mop in use, but before that you should prepare that. Preparing the mop means washing and rinsing the yarn to wash out remained dirt from previous cleanings. After you make sure that the mop head is clean and not smelly, you can dip it in the water combined with the cleaning agent.

Use the Wringer

The purpose of the wringer is to drain the excess moisture of the thoroughly mop head and enable splashing-free floor mopping. Using the wringer is a piece of cake. All you need to do is to place the mop into it, pull its handle and wait for about three seconds. After that your mop is good to clean the floor.

Empty the Bucket

There are different types of commercial buckets for cleaning, but most of them are designed to enable easy emptying. If you buy a commercial bucket with larger capacity, make sure that it has an emptying method for easy and effort-free (without lifting) emptying.

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