Jill Bryant is a famous Australian artist and graphic designer with a special kind of passion for painting. Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Jill Bryant is still living and working there and has regular gallery exhibitions. She has developed that passion in her early age and her painting abilities were only improving over the years. Jill’s school years have awarded her with Dux at two different art institutions.

Jill Bryant has faced a lot of tragic and difficult situations in her life, such as raising a family, personal tragedy and living as a volunteer worker. But one way or another, all of her experiences have enriched her and helped her to better express herself in art. Jill Bryant’s hopes are that the customers will love each abstract art for sale of hers as much as she loved creating them.

Over the years, Jill has developed love for water colours, which has allowed her to be more creative and create some of the most beautiful Australian landscapes. Her specific hues, textures and forms of both animate and inanimate have made her unique. She constantly changes the outcome colours and lights based on the elements that inspire her. In other words, Jill Bryant is able to translate real into abstract using acrylic painting. Her hopes and desires translated into abstract art for sale is what people love about her.

abstract art print

Connect & Continue By Jill Bryant

One of the most popular works of abstract art by Jill Bryant is Connect & Continue. This art print is painted on an original acrylic canvas and it is a piece of the limited edition series. Jill Bryant has personally put her signature on 300 Connect & Continue prints. Painted on a heavy-weight fine art paper and using archival lightfast inks, Jill Bryant has created a true masterpiece for ages. The print is available in four different sizes: small 20 x 25 cm, medium 30 x 38 cm, large 41 x 51 cm and X-large 58 x 73 cm.

As shown on this piece of abstract art for sale, Jill Bryant loves to use strong and bold colours on a white background. On this particular striking abstract art, she has used blue hues and some orange and red hues on a white background, creating a beautiful abstract art contrast she uses on most of her art prints. The subject of Connect & Continue include abstracted landscapes, botanical and floral elements of art, perfectly translating real into abstract.