The cold press juicer is the type of kitchen appliance that once bought, you cannot imagine a day spent without. Wondering why? Because the super-delicious fresh drinks coming from the cold press juicer are nothing, but a pure commitment to a healthy lifestyle that is full of energy and vitality. And who does not want to have that?


Nowadays, looking for the right juicer that will meet all your juicing needs has become a lot more complex task than before, as a result of the significantly increased number of manufacturers, models and designs of cold press juicers available on the market. One of the brands that is highly recommended by professional wellness coaches, naturopaths, nutritionists and customers is Kuvings.

Kuvings is a world-renowned brand in the industry where cutting-edge juicers can be found at very competitive prices. Two of the boldest reasons why customers turn to Kuvings are quality and performance. Kuvings juicers have proven to be extremely powerful in extracting more nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables than the other brands of cold press juicers. Hence, a reasonable explanation why Kuvings juicers are carrying international recognition and respect from the global juicing audience, which is certainly a great selling point for the Kuvings family.

Kuvings cold press juicers are best known for their outstanding capacity to make fresh drinks full of good nutrients by slow-squeezing the fruits and veggies, thus minimizing the friction (heat) and the oxidation. While most of cold press juicers make it hard for the user to take apart, clean and put together the juicer’s parts, this is not the case with Kuvings cold press juicers. They are easy and quick not only to operate with, but to clean and maintain as well. Simply put, investing in a cold press juicer signed by the Kuvings brand is a smart decision you will never regret.

Believe it or not, a Kuvings cold press juicer will give you the brilliant opportunity to prepare absolutely everything from the world of fresh, homemade drinks. Celery, carrots, spinach, parsley, orange, apple, banana, cucumber, kale, ginger and many other fruits and veggies can be your ‘star ingredients’ in preparing the best homemade cocktails ever!


A great way to save your money is to look for Kuvings cold press juicers for sale. Since we are talking about a successful brand with a lot of reputation on the market, you can easily find fantastic models of cold press juicers for sale in the Kuvings product-portfolio.